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News (Oktober 2017)

Angelo Serena and Cristiana Serena split

Hinzugefügt: Freitag, 13 Okt 2017, 20:19 von admin | 0 Kommentare
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We would like to publish the announce about the end of the partnership for Angelo Serena and Cristiana Serena after 10 years of dancing together. They were bronze medalists of the FIDA Italian Latin Championships this year and danced in the top 48 Amateur Latin in Blackpool Dance Festival 2017. See more results. "We'll never forget ...

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Robert Kwasniak and Natalia Dziedziczak split

Hinzugefügt: Sonntag, 08 Okt 2017, 18:33 von admin | 0 Kommentare
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After 9 months of dancing together Robert Kwasniak and Natalia Dziedziczak terminated their partnership. They were Polish Junior vice-champions in Latin and Standard dances, and also in 10 Dance. See more results. Natalia is looking for a dedicated and hardworking new partner for Junior II or Youth age group. ...

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Marcin Kalitowski and Katarzyna Florczuk split

Hinzugefügt: Mittwoch, 04 Okt 2017, 16:18 von admin | 0 Kommentare
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After 9 years of dancing together Marcin Kalitowski (eight-time Polish champion in ballroom dance, finalist in the World Cup and in World 10 Dance Champions) and Katarzyna Florczuk (four- time Polish champion in ballroom dance) decided to finish their partnership. See more results. "We are immensely grateful for the opportunity of danci...

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Przemyslaw Modrzynski and Valeriya Zhuravlyova split

Hinzugefügt: Sonntag, 01 Okt 2017, 17:39 von admin | 0 Kommentare
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After 5 years of dancing together Przemyslaw Modrzynski and Valeriya Zhuravlyova decided to end their partnership. They represented Poland in WDC Professional Latin division. They were Polish Latin champions. See their results. They would like to say thanks to each other for the fantastic 5 years together, their teachers: Kamila Kajak-Mosejc...

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