Interview with Andrea Ghigiarelli and Sara Andracchio
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Interview with Andrea Ghigiarelli and Sara Andracchio

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As Andrea and Sara were leaving Bournemouth early next morning this was a very short interview in the dressing room immediately after the prize presentation of Amateur Ballroom at the UK Open. Sara still in competition gown and Andrea changing. See their results page and photos in our galleries.

If you want to dance good, win or to become champion everything is important

When did you start dancing and how didyou start dancing?

[Sara] We started to dance when I was 8 and Andrea was 9. We have always danced together

(surprised) You were always together?

[Sara] Yes always, from children until now.

(still surprised) Incredible!

[Sara] Yes, it is very strange for a normal dancing couple

How many years are you dancing together?

[Sara] I am 28 years old now so 20 years together! (Annette Sudol in background) "Old, very old" (laughter).

Our parents organised the meeting for us because my sister and Andrea's brother dance Latin together for 25 years. So its very good partnership

It is so incredible

[Andrea] (now partially changed) It is a dancing family. We are all dancers. My brother, he began to dance and so I also wanted to dance, So Sara and I, we began very early and we continue dancing together now.

Your dancing today was absolutely stunning!

[Andrea and Sara] Thank you very much

Which result did you find the best in your career? What do you think of as the most important?

[Andrea] For me it is Blackpool. In 2009 we won Blackpool. I think Blackpool is gorgeous competition. It is the best.

[Sara] Yes, Blackpool is the best!

So you like England and Blackpool?

[Sara] Yes very much. I like the atmosphere.

[Andrea] I like the whole Blackpool story.

[Sara] I like the history, the ballroom and also that all the judges are champions and this is very good for us.

Do you plan to go soon to Professional?

[Andrea] Now! No!

[Sara] (laughing) I think we want to win more

Again and again and again...

[Sara] Yes continually (laughing)

[Andrea] At this moment we want to win and also to dance good, Right now we don't plan a Professional career

[Sara] We want to continue to improve and then pass to Professional

Are you a private couple?

[Sara] Yes. We will be married on 9th July 2010

Fantastic! You must send some photographs so that we can put them on the website. Where we have all the news about the couples and we would love to put the news there

[Sara] Yes, of course we will send when we marry on the 9th July

Did you have any problem coming here for the UK Open?

[Andrea] No. No one said anything to us.

Hopefully you will not have a problem with Blackpool. Will you come to Blackpool?

[Sara] I dont think the Italian Federation will ban it for us but we want to dance Blackpool very much.

Do you each have a favourite dance and if so is it the same dance?

[Andrea] I like all 5 dances.

[Sara] I think Slow Foxtrot is the best for us. I don't know why.

[Andrea] Yes, foxtrot feels nice. I like it very much as well.

If you were dancing Latin which would be your favourite?

[Andrea and Sara] Paso Doble! (laughter)

When you are competing what is most important for you: Technique. Music, Feeling cheering crowd or money?

[Andrea] I think everything is important. If you want to dance good, win or to become champion everything is important. The technique, correct musical expression, the feeling together with the partner. Everything is important.

[Sara] I agree everything is important.

A big problem! Normally I am talking to two people now I feel I am talking to one person!

[Sara] (laughing) It is because we are together for life

Do you have a small group of teachers or do you go to several teachers?

[Sara] No, we have one teacher, Frederico Filliponi. We have some lessons with other teachers but he is our main coach

Have you always had him as your coach?

[Andrea] Yes, practically yes. We have had him from when we were 15 years old.

You are so different to all the oher couples

[Andrea] (laughing) We are special!

I am very glad that you won today and that you gave us this very short interview. Normally it is longer but we do understand that you are tired and maybe another time next time we can do a longer one. Thank you very much. And see you again in Blackpool!