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News (Juni 2016)

Patryk Ploszaj and Anna Kaczmarski split

Hinzugefügt: Freitag, 24 Jun 2016, 09:18 von admin | 0 Kommentare
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After over 11 years Patryk Ploszaj and Anna Kaczmarski took a decision to end their dancing partnership. They represented USA throughout their career in Juvenile, Junior and Youth. They were multiple time US national champions in Ballroom and Latin, and also in 10 Dance in all the age categories starting from Juvenile through to Youth and Under...

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Eleonora Ricciardi and Cristian Priori split

Hinzugefügt: Sonntag, 19 Jun 2016, 11:20 von admin | 0 Kommentare
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After five years of dancing otgether Eleonora Ricciardi and Cristian Priori decided to split up. They represented Italy. See more results. We received an email from Eleonora where she asked us to publish the following words: For five years we shared joys and sorrows in dance as well as in our private lives. As two inexperienced dancers we...

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Interview with Arkady Bakenov and Rosa Filippello

Hinzugefügt: Dienstag, 07 Jun 2016, 19:42 von admin | 0 Kommentare
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We talked to Arkady Bakenov and Rosa Filippello who won Professional Rising Star Latin at UK Open 2016 in Bournemouth earlier this year. They represent England. Very recently they won the same event in Blackpool as well. Arkady and Rosa got together years ago and value their partnership very highly. They admit that due to being extermely bus...

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Chao Yang and Yiling Tan retire from competitions

Hinzugefügt: Samstag, 04 Jun 2016, 01:39 von admin | 0 Kommentare
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After a long and successful career through Youth, Amateur and for the last 4 years as Professionals Chao Yang and Yiling Tan announced today their decision to retire from competitive dancing. Chao and Yiling asked Marcus Hilton to read the letter on their behalf, right after dancing all the finals of the Professional Ballroom event the ...

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Stefano Francia passed away

Hinzugefügt: Donnerstag, 02 Jun 2016, 14:58 von admin | 0 Kommentare
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It is with much personal sadness, blended with some very special happy times, that on behalf of the thousands of worldwide UKA members, we say thank you and rest in peace to Stefano. Right from the early days in Italy, when he formed a close bond with Tom and Susan Walker and naturally with the UKA  - Stefano has remained a loyal UKA Fe...

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