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News (Juli 2016)

Dmytro Pankov and Olesya Pankova retire from competitions

Hinzugefügt: Freitag, 22 Jul 2016, 00:36 von admin | 0 Kommentare
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The Ukrainian Professional Latin couple Dmytro Pankov and Olesya Pankova decided to retire from competitive career. They turned Professional in January 2016 and their first competition was UK Open in England. Few months later Dmytro and Olesya represented their country at the WDC European Professional Latin championships where they were in the ...

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Aleksandr Ostrovsky and Yuliya Igonina split

Hinzugefügt: Dienstag, 12 Jul 2016, 09:56 von admin | 0 Kommentare
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After over five years of dancing together, first as Amateur and later as Professionals, Aleksandr Ostrovsky and Yuliya Igonina decided to terminate their partnership. They represented Russia. In 2013 they were 3rd at the WDC European Cup Professional Standard and semifinalists of the WDC European championships. In 2014 they were 4th in the Prof...

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Fabio D'Angelo and Amy Ward got married

Hinzugefügt: Montag, 11 Jul 2016, 12:10 von admin | 0 Kommentare
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We have just received a message from Fabio D'Angelo and Amy Ward that they got married recently. They are Amateur Ballroom couple dancing for England. Amy and Fabio were British national Under21 Ballroom finalists in 2011 and regularly compete in Britain and abroad. See more results. Congratulations and wishing you the best for your futu...

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Nikita Druzhinin and Diana Miroshnichenko split

Hinzugefügt: Sonntag, 03 Jul 2016, 23:42 von admin | 0 Kommentare
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After 4 years of dancing Nikita Druzhinin and Diana Miroshnichenko decided to end their partnership. They represented Ukraine. Nikita and Diana were runners-up in Junior Ballroom International Championships and Junior Blackpool Dance Festival. They were several times national champions in Youth and Under21. They were 3rd in Amateur Ballroom at ...

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Interview with Lukasz Tomczak and Aleksandra Jurczak

Hinzugefügt: Samstag, 02 Jul 2016, 21:15 von admin | 0 Kommentare
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We interviewed Lukasz Tomczak and Aleksandra Jurczak the winners of the Professional Rising Star Ballroom in Blackpool in May 2016. They recently become Professionals and they represent Poland. Six years ago Lukasz and Ola won the Amateur Rising Star Ballroom at UK Open and we have interviewed them when they were very young Amateurs. It was ...

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