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News (August 2014)

Nicolas Ballester and Carla Salbia split

Hinzugefügt: Mittwoch, 27 Aug 2014, 20:54 von admin | 0 Kommentare
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After 5 years dancing together, and with a great results behind them, Nicolas Ballester and Carla Salbia announced that they terminated their partnership. They were 4 times Spanish Champions in Junior II and Youth age categories in 10 Dance and Standard styles. They represented Spain at the European and World championships - in 2013 they were 4...

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Giulio Ferrante and Lidia Martinez split

Hinzugefügt: Sonntag, 24 Aug 2014, 12:30 von admin | 0 Kommentare
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After their successfull partnership Giulio Ferrante and Lidia Martinez decided to stop dancing together. They won Spanish Championship in Youth Latin as well as other national and international competitions in Under 21, now they have decided to start another period of their dance carriers. See more results They would like to thank their teac...

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Mathias Kehlet and Valeria Semochkina split

Hinzugefügt: Mittwoch, 20 Aug 2014, 21:55 von admin | 0 Kommentare
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Mathias Kehlet and Valeria Semochkina would like to let everybody know that they are no longer dancing together following Matthias' decision to finish his competitive career. They danced together since January 2008 and were initially 10 Dance couple but from 2011 they concentrated on Standard. Matthias and Valeria were Danish 10 Dance runne...

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Kyle Taylor and Polina Shklyaeva split

Hinzugefügt: Montag, 11 Aug 2014, 00:57 von admin | 0 Kommentare
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With regret we have to announce that Kyle Taylor and Polina Shklyaeva decided to terminate their partnership. Kyle and Polina danced together for over 3 years and were British national Amateur Ballroom champions in 2012. In 2011 they were 3rd at the Under21 Ballroom, in 2012 they were 2nd at the Amateur Rising Star Ballroom in Blackpool. In 201...

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Interview with Marek Kosaty and Paulina Glazik

Hinzugefügt: Samstag, 09 Aug 2014, 21:27 von admin | 0 Kommentare
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We chatted to Marek Kosaty and Paulina Glazik winners of the Amateur Ballroom event at 2014 Blackpool Dance Festival. Marek and Paulina dance for Poland. Marek told us that since the first time they met as fourteen years old he dreamt to dance with Paulina and how long it took them to finally become a partnership. They talked about the hard ...

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Stefano Moriondo and Angelique Meyer split

Hinzugefügt: Freitag, 08 Aug 2014, 21:58 von admin | 0 Kommentare
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We regret to announce the separation of Stefano Moriondo and Angelique Meyer. Stefano and Angelique were Professional Latin couple representing France. Their best results were getting into the final of Professional Rising Star Latin in Blackpool twice, winning the same event at the International in 2013 and 8th place at the WDC European Profess...

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Hugo Gustafsson and Julia Granath split

Hinzugefügt: Donnerstag, 07 Aug 2014, 18:25 von admin | 1 Kommentare
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After a year of dancing together Hugo Gustafsson and Julia Granath decided to terminate their partnership. They were Swedish champions in 10 Dance, Latin and Standard. Their last international competition was Blackpool where they finished 33rd in Under 21 Ballroom. They represented Sweden in WDSF World 10 Dance and WDSF European Youth Latin. Se...

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5 minutes with Ballroom Champion and designer Morena Colagreco

Hinzugefügt: Mittwoch, 06 Aug 2014, 17:38 von admin | 0 Kommentare
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Ballroom Champion Morena Colagreco brings boutique fashion from the heart of Milan to London with the new inspired by Morena dancewear collection designed exclusively for CHRISANNE.... Morena has spent her career in the forefront of the dance world, and has now taken the world of dance fashion by storm. We spent some time with Morena to find...

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Paul Lorenz and Ekaterina Leonova split

Hinzugefügt: Mittwoch, 06 Aug 2014, 10:36 von admin | 0 Kommentare
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After six years of dancing together Paul Lorenz and Ekaterina Leonova decided to split up and continue their career with new partners. Paul and Ekaterina represented Germany in Amateur 10 Dance and were German 10 Dance bronze medalists. Their best results include winning the WDC World Cup Amateur Standard and the WDSF EU Cup Standard, as well a...

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